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Dr. William Charschan’s Vision, Mission and Inspiration

Since 1988, Dr. William D. Charschan, D.C., CCSP has treated thousands of patients in New Jersey suffering from accident trauma, occupational stress injuries, sports injuries and chronic pain associated with the simplest everyday activities and aging.

A graduate of the National College of Chiropractic (now known as the National College of Health Sciences) located in Lombard, Illinois; Dr. Charschan also received his certification in sports injuries in 1991 at New York Chiropractic College. A Certified Sports Physician and the Medical Director for USA Track and Field New Jersey, Dr. Charschan is a licensed and board certified physician of chiropractic medicine with a background in mechanical engineering.

Dr. Charschan is an avid explorer of safe, non‐surgical, results oriented patient care and studied soft tissue and myofascial release treatments taught by maverick men of chiropractic medicine, Doctors Warren Hammer (Fascial Manipulation© www.fascialmanipulationworkshops.com ) and Michael Leahy (Active Release Techniques®). He studied the Graston Technique method of soft tissue treatment and its application in addressing chronic pain syndromes and is trained in orthotics theory and application by Len Kerns of Foot Function lab.

William_Charschan_GymnasiumFocusing on the biomechanics of running and gait, Dr. Charschan “The body mechanic” is passionate about the need for a system that allows health care practitioners to better diagnose, agree and then treat mechanical problems, the basis for most chronic pain. Building on the work of Dr. Brian Rothbart, Dr. Charschan developed unique methods of screening body mechanics based on body style in a way that makes it easy to improve diagnostic inter‐reliability between health care practitioners.

Dr. Charschan has lectured on his diagnostic methods and treatment to the sports council at Palmer Chiropractic College, Association of NJ Chiropractors Sports Council and has published articles on kinetic chains in the magazine Dynamic Chiropractic.

Dr. Charschan regularly volunteers at numerous athletic events including track and field, Martial Arts, Ultimate Frisbee, National Aerobic championships, Grappling, Soccer, Football and The New York marathon.

Practicing in Scotch Plains and North Brunswick, Dr. Charschan lives in New Jersey with his wonderful wife Beth, a business owner, his daughter, Gabriell and son, Jesse who is glad to have a chiropractor for a dad after an afternoon of raking fall leaves.

Dr. William Charschan, Doctor, Patient‐Advocate,
Thought Leader in Pain Prevention

Dr. Charschan is an experienced and tireless health care provider, writer and presenter. His reputation for consistent, quality health care has earned him the respect of patients and colleagues. For additional information, examples of Bill’s work, and what he can add liven up and add value to any speaking opportunity or segment on the challenges of the health care system or treating and preventing pain, request a copy of his book, Cheating Mother Nature ‐ What You Need to Know to Beat Chronic Pain.


Dr. William Charschan “The Body Mechanic” Quick Facts

Author of more than fifteen educational health and wellness brochures
* Book Author – Cheating Mother Nature, What you need to know to beat chronic pain
* Article Contributor to Dynamic Chiropractic (www.dynamicchiropractic.com)
* Diary of a Chiropractor blogger (www.backfixer1.com/blog/)
* Running and jogging pain‐free blogger (www.njrunningdoc.com)
* Political Postures blogger showing the power of proper 18‐point visual assessment
* Actively involved in the ACA and NJ Sports Council
* Medical Director, USA Track and Field New Jersey
* Certified Sports Physician
* Licensed and board certified physician of chiropractic medicine
* Background in mechanical engineering
* He has lectured on biomechanics to the membership of the New Jersey Chiropractic Society and
other regional chiropractic organizations.
* Lectured on his diagnostic methods and treatment to the sports council at Palmer Chiropractic
College, Association of NJ Chiropractors Sports Council
* Creator of the Kinetic Chain Torture Test, used by many high school certified athletic trainers to
screen their athletes.
* Advocate for mechanical solutions to functional problems that cause most patient pain issues.
* Guitarist and leader of cover band, Midlife Crisis
* Maintains two offices located in Scotch Plains, NJ and North Brunswick, NJ
* Regularly volunteers at athletic events including Track and Field, Martial Arts, Ultimate Frisbee,
National Aerobic championships, Grappling, Soccer, Football and The New York marathon
* Community Involvement includes Annual February Shoe Drive , annual Turkey Drive for the needy and Adopt A Family program.


Dr. William Charschan “The body mechanic” Patient Advocate, Enthusiastic Medical Practitioner and Educator

Based on years of experience and thousands of successful pain‐related patient care outcomes, Dr. Charschan believes pain and functional limitation is a symptom of mechanical problems. Moreover, functional and mechanical problems need functional and mechanical solutions. Expensive testing, medication and surgery are last resorts, not answers. To prove it, Dr. Charschan can provide a live audience participation demonstration where he assesses an audience member’s pain‐related symptoms, correctly identifies and addresses the real source of the problem. SPOILER ALERT: The source of the problem is almost never what you think it is.

Dr. Charschan lives and practices in central New Jersey and has treated thousands of patients of all ages, including celebrity and amateur athletes. He is the medical director of USA Track and Field New Jersey, maintains several popular blogs educating readers and addressing health care issues and plays a mean guitar for his New Jersey band, “Midlife Crisis.”

http://www.backfixer1.com  is the website for Dr. Charschan’s medical practice, Charschan Chiropractic and Sports Injury Associates.

Diary of a Chiropractor (www.backfixer1.com/blog) is Dr. Charschan’s venue for all things health and medical related.

NJ Running Doc (http://www.njrunningdoc.com) specifically addresses the concerns of the athlete and runner building upon his work with asymmetry, gait and stride‐related issues at the root of most unexplained and mistreated pain.

Political Postures (http://www.politicalpostures.com) is Dr. Charschan’s way to explain how inherited and developed body style issues translate into the opportunity for muscle and joint problems using the public political figures we see on the news during the 2011 ‐ 2012 run for office.

Dr. Charschan is a patient‐consumer and health care provider educator and advocate helping patients find answers and choose the kind of health care providers that can allow them to live a healthier and more pain free life.

A frequent speaker at local health related and business networking events, Dr. Charschan “The bodymechanic” delights in telling stories; using examples, metaphors, presentations and props to make a point. His book, “Cheating Mother Nature; What you need to know to beat chronic pain” (available in print and Kindle ebook on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online) explains chronic pain and its causes in a way everyone can understand, giving the reader the tools to understand the body and navigate the health care jungle of providers to find those who can best help resolve pain issues.

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